[Kickstarter Ahoy!] The Cure – A Square City Comics Anthology


So this Kickstarter project is different. Unlike the previous ones I’ve spoken about on here, I am personally involved. I wrote a story, and was lucky enough to have it beautifully illustrated by Emily Gillis. For over a year I have been a member of Square City Comics, and this (so far) is the culmination of that involvement. Not only did I contribute a story, but I also assisted in an editorial capacity. So this is an exciting project! Foremost, on a personal level (I won’t lie), because it is now the first of much more to come (yes, 2016 will be an exciting year!). But also because it’s the best project that Square City Comics has ever put forth! Does me saying that make this just a shameless plug, or is there more to this? Let’s talk! Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! Episode 6


This week I’m joined by Jade F. Lee, also known as the trusty peanut gallery. Topics of discussion included her first time attending SPX as a non-exhibitor in a while, the many comics she picked up, magical girls & food, plus more about misogyny in comics and beyond!

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[Otakon 2015] The Second Time Is Always Better!


It’s hard to believe that only a year ago I was attending my first Otakon, yet here we are, and what a difference a year can make. Back then, in no small part thanks to Attack on Titan, I was plunging back into the world of anime & manga. This time, while I was no less eager to discover new things, my exploration was considerably better aimed, and that made for a much more rewarding experience. Look no further than the five volumes of Vinland Saga that now sit proudly on my shelf – and yes, a good bit of bargain hunting went into that.

It goes without saying that a good time was had, and that the three full days left plenty to unpack – from the anime I sampled to the drop in attendance, and the changing landscape in artist alley. Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! Episode 5 starring Mark Russell


This week my co-host was Devon Sanders, whom you might recognize because of his contributions to Bleeding Cool. Additionally, during the first half we were joined by Mark Russell, writer of DC’s Prez, as well as God Is Disappointed in You. Topics of conversation included the insanity of the electoral cycle, Congressman John Lewis’s March & how everyone should read it, and the importance of trades & new voices in comics. Afterwards, Devon & I talked shop, and decided we should definitely do this again!

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Hey, Look! Comics! Episode 4


This week, and unfortunately for the foreseeable future, Esther was indisposed with planning for SPX. This means that I got to chat with Jake, also of Fantom Comics, and occasional contributor on here. We spoke about Brandon Graham’s Island & 8house, whether either comic will be around for long, the value of strong writer/artist collaborations, Transformers vs. G.I. Joe (which everyone apparently needs to read), One-Punch ManJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and so much more!

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