Hey, Look! Comics! Episode 2


This week, Esther and I went on for nearly two hours. We started things off talking about Secret Love – and, yes(!) we would love to read a Misty Knight/Iron Fist series written by Jeremy Whitley. Next, we spoke some more about representation in comics, plus reviewed Silk, Wolf, Welcome Back, and Giant Days. Also, we took some time to praise CW’s Arrow-verse, discussed the Archie reboot, and so much more! Annotations after the break

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Hey, Look! Comics! Episode 1


Hey, look! We’re back, and we’re all-new and all-different. Seriously, what used to be a comics column, is now a podcast. So that’s different, right? Anyway, I managed I co-opt Fantom Comics‘ Esther Kim and this is now a thing!

Topics of conversation included rereading Journey Into Mystery, DC’s current direction for Superman & whether John Romita Jr. is a good fit, the pros and cons of different authorial voices, wishful thinking for an afro-futuristic western, and finally a very involved conversation about diversity in comics that also included a discussion of Bombshells, Gotham Academy and the recently announced Moon Girl & Devil DinosaurClick more for annotations!

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[Review] Nobrow’s 17×23 Series: Fish, Lost Property & Vacancy


Nobrow’s 17×23 series is a “project designed to help talented young graphic novelists tell their stories in a manageable and economic format. The hope is that, while the series encourages artists to write one-off stories, [it] can act as a springboard for more ambitious projects.”

Originally conceived in 2010, the format brought forth comics like Ouroboros, Jeff Job HunterTemporamaObsoleteThe New GhostLe Royaume Quo, and most notably Luke Pearson’s Hildafolk, which has since been spun-off into an excellent ongoing series of hardback comics. Unfortunately, by 2013 the format more or less petered out, with only a showcase published in late 2012, and not much more afterwards. Fortunately, that changed with Bianca Bagnarelli’s Fish in late 2014, which saw Nobrow return to the format. Following that, April saw Andy J. Poyiadgi’s Lost Property, and June will see Jen Lee’s Vacancy.

Suffice to say that it has been a joy to see the project return, and really deliver some excellent comics.The format makes for compact, but well crafted comics. From the solid cover with its stylish flaps, to the quality paper, you instantly know you’re holding something special. By the time the excellent art and storytelling in each installment enthralls you, it might just be too late – since, much like me, you’ll likely be hooked, and ready for the next one!

So let’s talk about this mini-revival, consisting of FishLost Property, and Vacancy, the latter two of which I was lucky enough to get a hold of early! Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! (3/25/15)

Jem & the Holograms #1

Jem & the Holograms #1

Wow, big week, and not because I’m starting a new job, rather because of all the excellent comics coming out. Plus, some exciting titles on the horizon, from Inio Asano’s A Girl On The Shore, to Boom! releases in June, Faith Erin Hicks’s The Nameless City, and more comics form Cullen Bunn. Let’s do this!

Reading List

Jem & the Holograms #1 – I have to admit, I never watched Jem, and if I caught any glimpse of it growing up, it’s remembered vaguely. That said, I’m incredibly excited for this title for one simple reason – Sophie Campbell. I discovered her art thanks to Glory (back when she was known as Ross Campbell), and was instantly struck by her line work. I’ve been a fan ever since. Kelly Thompson, I’m admittedly not as familiar with, but has certainly written a few books, and notably is co-writing Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps. In short, this will be a kick-ass comic, starring kick-ass women, and written by kick-ass women. So you should probably get with that! Fashion, art, action, and style coming your way in a few short days! Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! (3/18/15)

Giant Days #1

Giant Days #1

Lots to say about all kinds of things this week, so much so that some of it is getting broken out into a separate post. For the time being let’s talk about all the comics coming out this week, as well as all the debuts that are going to make me super broke this May – see I’m going to this little known thing called the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)

Reading List

Giant Days #1 – John Allison is the creator responsible for webcomics the likes of Bad Machinery, Bobbins, and of course Giant Days, which is sadly no longer available online, but physical copies can still be purchased here and here. Why am I providing all of this information? Because while this new series will be new-reader friendly (“If you’re new to the series, the first Boom! Box issue will not leave you high and dry.“), it is also a continuation of those three original issues (says so right here). So if you want to be in the know, you should probably track them down! That said, this new series is positioned to be the next big thing from BOOM! Box. Exciting webcomic creator – check! Awesome artist along to illustrate, namely Lissa Treiman – check! Humor, slice of life, relatable characters, and friendship – check, check, check, and check! Basically you should be giving this a try. Whether you’ve heard of Giant Days before, or not, it should be well worth your time! Easily what I’m most excited for this week! Read More


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