Hey, Look! Comics! (8/20/14)

The Multiversity #1

The Multiversity #1

Late again! Dang it! But, comics? Yes, plenty of those! Additionally, some excellent ones debuting at Small Press Expo (so make sure to attend if you can!). Plus speaking of attending, the National Book Festival is coming up on the 30th, and you should go to that! Yup, much to talk about, so let’s get started!

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The Multiversity #1 - For some time now I’ve been reading less mainstream superhero comics. The rise of Image, coupled with my discovery of other publishers and stories, has gradually weaned me off of the big two. Some comics, however, are just too big to ignore. For instance, when Grant Morrison comes out to play? Now that is a must buy! It could be argued that his runs on JLA, Seven Soldiers, Batman, and Final Crisis have all been leading up to this. If you’re at all familiar with his work than this should be a no brainer. It’s Morrison tackling DC’s Multiverse after all – the possibilities are endless (or limited to 52, or whichever, there’s a lot either way!). If on the other hand you’re new, then this should be an excellent sampler. My number one pick! Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! (8/13/14)

Dark Ages #1 (of 4)

Dark Ages #1 (of 4)

Stuff happened, things got delayed, and then Otakon was a thing. The end result? We haven’t had one of these in a while, and this one is also late! Yup, I’m clearly on top of things! But hey?! Comics! So let’s do this thing!

Reading List

Dark Ages #1 (of 4) - I first heard of I.N.J. Culbard thanks to The New Deadwardians, which incidentally was also written by Dan Abnett. Then for a while nothing, until - Brass Sun got the miniseries treatment. Issue three hit last week, and the series continues to be excellent thanks in large part to Culbard’s art. So who am I to say no to more comics featuring his art? And not just one, how about two if you count Wild’s End coming out next month (also written by Abnett!). Suddenly, his art is everywhere, and deservedly so! This one’s all about the Middle Ages, war, and a mercenary group that encounters demons born not of hell, but of some other mysterious place. Comic-book art from an exciting artist equals my number one pick for this week! Get excited! Read More

The Art of Evan Shaner


Flash Gordon is a gorgeous comic-book, and that is all thanks to Evan “Doc” Shaner, as well as colorist extraordinaire Jordie Bellaire. So much so that between Jeff Parker’s writing and those dazzling visuals, I am wholeheartedly on board for as long as this title runs. But what about this Shaner guy? What’s his story?

So this guy – this guy attended Central Michigan University, which he graduated in 2008. During that time he was also a Staff Cartoonist for Central Michigan Life. Afterwards, he began freelancing, and has done so for the likes of Archaia, Dark Horse, Marvel, and DCFlash Gordon marks his first ongoing series, and it’s a heck of a first at that! His art has a timeless, but modern feel to it, that perfectly captures high-flying action and adventure.

You can find him online on tumblr, twitter, and even deviantArt (even though there doesn’t seem to be much there). You should also check out the short Christmas tale he illustrated (over on ComicsAlliance) about Klaubauf, the Bavarian version of the Krampus, which was written by Benito Cereno. Plus some favorites below! Read More

[Retrospective] The Art of Gustaf Tenggren

Gustaf Tenggren (1896-1970) was a Swedish-American illustrator, and one of the defining artistic voices for early Disney films, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)Fantasia (1940), Pinocchio (1940), and Bambi (1942). Starting at age 11 he apprenticed for a lithographer’s shop, which in turn, two years later, resulted in a scholarship in Gothenburg at the Valand School of Fine Arts.

Like John Bauer, he contributed to Bland tomtar och troll (Among gnomes and trolls), and did so from 1918 until 1926, totaling 10 volumes (which is two more than Bauer, for those keeping track). In 1920 he moved to the United States, and eventually in 1935 accepted an Art Director position working for Walt Disney’s Snow White. He only worked for the studio until 1939, but was greatly influential.

Afterwards, he dedicated himself to book projects of his own – a full list of which can be found, here, and includes Janette Sebring Lowrey’s The Poky Little Puppy, which he illustrated, and which by the end of the 20th century became the world’s most printed and sold children’s book. On April 6th, 1970, he died from lung cancer.

You can find examples of his work, here, here, here, and here. Plus some favorites below! Read More

The Art of Scott Godlewski


Scott Godlewski is an artist from Arizona. He is the co-creator of Mysterious Adventure Magazine, the creator of Mostros: Dinosaur-Man From Neptune, and illustrator of Dracula: Company of Monsters, which was written by Kurt Busiek & Daryl Gregory. Also, he’ll be doing the line art on the upcoming Copperhead from Image, which will be written by Jay Faeber and feature color art by Ron Riley.

It’s an exciting comic, partially thanks to the setting – a gritty 24th century western – and partially thanks to Godlewski’s art, which looks fantastic! There’s a preview on CBR, which you should check out, and since Diamond’s initial order deadline is July 23rd, you should probably tell your local comic-book store about it right away!

Anyway, you can also follow him on deviantArt and twitter, plus view some favorites below! Read More


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