A close reading of Brandon Graham and Simon Roy’s Prophet #21


Over the last five years, Image Comics has solidified itself as the most important publisher in the industry’s current creator-owned comics renaissance, thanks to hugely popular series like Saga, Sex Criminals, and The Wicked + the Divine. These have attracted new readers and changed the way outsiders view the medium. That said, one Image book in particular that seems to fly under the radar is Brandon Graham’s sci-fi epic, Prophet - a nigh impenetrable, oft-delayed series that’s garnered its share of critical acclaim, but rarely appears on anyone’s end-of-year best-of lists.

Prophet is one of the most important things happening in science fiction right now in any medium, and as far as I can tell, someone has yet to do a close reading of it. So here we are, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing!

Just a heads up! If you’re in Washington, DC, Jake will be hosting a Prophet book club at Fantom Comics in Dupont Circle on March 15. Be there! Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! (12/17/14)


Rocket Salvage #1

Only one debut this week, but plenty of other comics to talk about, including some artistic changes, and upcoming titles. Nate Simpson‘s Nonplayer #2 is finally happening! I may finally buy an Archie comic, and Stjepan Sejic continues to be awesome. Plus more!

Reading List

Rocket Salvage #1 – The moment I saw the solicitation for this title, and the cover specifically, I was completely on board. It just grabbed my eye, and then refused to let go. The premise also did a fair job of keeping me interested. A washed up mechanic? A dysfunctional and odd family? An intergalactic manhunt, plus rocket racing? What part of that doesn’t sound like a good ol’ time. Plus Archaia rarely disappoints, definitely a top pick from Yehudi Mercado & Bachan! If you get one comic this week, make it this one! Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! (12/10/14)

Bitch Planet #1

Bitch Planet #1

Well, this is super late, but also really packed with super awesome comic-book news! This week brings us some debuts, and several great ongoings. Plus a ton of announcements! More Crogan Adventures from Chris Schweizer! Flying Eye Books for 2015! Brian Clevinger, Lee Black, & Erica Henderson are doing a Kickstarter! John Allison’s Giant Days comes to print! And Diana Huh launches a webcomic!

Reading List

Bitch Planet #1 – If you love Alex de Campi‘s Grindhouse comics, and their tribute to the exploitation/grindhouse genre, and especially loved the Prison Ship Antares story-arc, then this comic will be perfect for you! If you’re a fan of Kelly Sue DeConnick‘s writing, or Valentine De Landro‘s art, then this comic will be perfect for you! If you’ve been itching for more female protagonists in comics, then this comic will be perfect for you! In fact, if you love comics (period) then you probably shouldn’t be missing out. Definitely the most exciting comic-book coming out this week. Don’t miss it! Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! (12/3/14)

The Late Child and Other Animals

The Late Child and Other Animals

Hey, we’re late! Darn you Thanksgiving, and all that good eating! Oh well, stuff happens… but you know what? Comics are also happening. Plenty of good ones too! Stuff from Fantagraphics & Burlyman this week, plus a few choice picks from Vertigo, Image, & Boom! Studios. Otherwise, not as much to talk about this week, but still a few things, like Spencer & Lieber’s next thing, a Jem from IDW, an upcoming kickstarter & some cool designs! Let’s do it!

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The Late Child and Other Animals – I don’t talk about Fantagraphics and their fantastic array of books enough, and this needs to change. Fortunately, this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Marguerite Van Cook is an artist, writer, musician/singer and filmmaker, plus she is responsible for the very well received 7 Miles A SecondNow alongside artist, James Romberger, she’s completed another graphic novel – The Late Child and Other Animals. It’s story of a mother and daughter across several decades in post WWII Britain and France, this is an autobiographical work that is guaranteed to touch on both personal and historical points. Not to be missed! Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! (11/26/14)


ODY-C #1

A bit late this week, but stuff happens. Anyway, we’ve got a couple of debuts, an exciting omnibus, and more comics to talk about. Then, Nobrow has some comics for 2015 which we need to talk about, plus there’s a ton of exciting solicitations to discuss (from Image, to Dark Horse, Boom!, & IDW). If that’s not enough there’s a Howard the Duck announcement and a preview of the upcoming Ant-Man. Let’s do this!

Reading List

ODY-C #1 – The moment this comic was announced I was 100% on board! Matt Fraction & Christian Ward doing a futuristic retelling of the Odyssey – you can’t go wrong with any part of that! Not only is this one of those fundamental stories that lends itself beautifully to retelling, but these are two amazing creators guaranteed to not just come up with a unique spin, but also execute it. Forget all you know about Odysseus, this is Odyssia the Clever Champion, hero of a hundred year long galactic war. This is a journey through space and mind-bending situations. This is a comic you cannot afford to miss! Read More


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