The Fantastic Art of Paul Duffield

Paul Duffield is a comic book creator, illustrator and animator working in Oxford, UK. His most notable comic-book work so far has been illustrating Freakangels. However, he has also illustrated SelfMadeHero’s The Tempest, and a self-published project called Signal. Finally, he is currently working on writing and illustrating a creator-owned project called The Firelight Isle, for which I am incredibly excited.

Anyway, my fascination with his art started while reading Freakangels, then grew when I finally got my copy of Signal. The latter is a poem comprised only of images. There are no words, and it’s a thing of beauty. It very easily communicates very complex feelings of discovery, exploration, freedom, and truly captures something of what it means to be human — no small feat.

From there it was small leap to Duffield’s website, and then his deviantART profile. As always, here are some of my favorites, and I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to dig deeper, it’s well worth the effort.

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Alex is the guy that runs and edits this blog. He’s been reading comics for as long as he’s been able to read, and somewhere along the way started forming opinions that extended beyond just Batman is cool, or Spider-Man is awesome, and more importantly decided to share these. Lately, he’s been getting a little burned out on mainstream comics, but has found solace in the indie world. There’s also his inhuman love of heavy metal, but we do not speak of that.

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