The Art of James Harvey

Credit where credit is due, thanks to a post on The Beat, I’ve now found out about James Harvey. Specifically, about his upcoming graphic novel, Zygote, coming in 2014 from Blank Slate Books. The prelude to which is called Masterplasty, and is available to read for free online. It makes for a fascinating read, and not just because Harvey’s art is amazing. After reading it, I am definitely, looking forward to Zygote.

I also found my way to Harvey’s tumblr page, and more of his amazing art. Which is really the point of this post. His work is a mixture of pop art, manga influences, and sheer trippy awesomeness, and definitely deserves a look. Also worth mentioning is that he has fully embraced Ryan Humphrey’s Bartkira, and is heading the Bartkira Project, which is also really cool!

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