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Mind Mgmt #13

Mind Mgmt #13

This week in comics! San Diego Comic-Con happened, so there’s that to talk about. The month of Superior Spider-Man continues with a double dose. Oh, and more creators shuffle off and about at DC.

Reading List

Mind Mgmt #13 – For twelve issues now Matt Kindt has crafted an intricate story – a narrative full of revelations and twists. Arguably the best part has been the complex setting. The agent profiles and other little tidbits have truly made this series shine, especially because it’s all tied together fantastically. The next arc will feature a series of one-shot stories focusing on various agents, and should play to these strengths fantastically. Also, should make for a decent jumping-on point!

Wild Blue Yonder #2 (of 5) – This series came out of nowhere. IDW doesn’t publish a lot of comic-books I read, but every now and again they surprise me, and this is a perfect example of that. The high-flying world of Wild Blue Yonder has me perfectly intrigued after the first issue – airships, pirates, jetpacks, adventure, plus a post-apocalyptic setting. It’s like all my childhood dreams just came true! But seriously, this is a well crafted world, and a must-read!

Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun #5

Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun #5

The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun #5 (of 5) – Are westerns back? Maybe, and this series has surely led the charge. The mix of western and supernatural has been going strong for some time now, and this prequel mini-series has been every bit as good. This issue conludes the story of General Hume’s horsemen, their tragic pasts and their horrific fates.

Superior Spider-Man #14 – I like Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man. It’s different that’s for sure, but it’s a good story. And I for one can’t wait to see Doc Ock’s house of cards finally come tumbling down. For a few months now the stakes have been raised, with Ock showing more and more of his true colors. Sure his ends are still relatively good, but the means are getting darker and darker, and it’s just a matter of time before Peter’s supporting cast finally figures it out. I plan on being there every step of the way!

Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1 – What’s better than Doc Ock making a mess of Spider-Man and Peter’s reputation? Having him interact with other Marvel superheroes! Say good-bye to the Avenging moniker, everything is Superior this month, and this team-up title is getting a relaunch. Even if you’re not totally on board with the whole Doc Ock thing, this should be worth checking out, because if one thing is for sure it’s that people like reading about Spider-Man teaming up with other heroes.

So SDCC 2013 Happened…

…and things were announced that I’m excited about!

  • SDCCLogoHarley Quinn monthly by Palmiotti and Conner. Amanda Conner’s art is fantastic, and whenever she teams up with Palmiotti good things happen – just look at their run on Power Girl! If this is anything like that other comic-book, fun times lie ahead!
  • Amazing X-Men monthly by Aaron and McGuinness. Jason Aaron is one of my favorite comic-book writers, so that’s a sell right there. Never mind that Wolverine and the X-Men is also my favorite X-Men ongoing. As much as I’m wary of yet another X-Men comic-book, this one is a must-read! Oh, and hey this Ed McGuinness guy is also pretty freaking great!
  • More goodies from Image/SkyboundManifest Destiny from Chris Dingess & Matthew Roberts, and Dead Body Road from Justin Jordan & Matteo Scalera, All I’ll say about the first is that it features Lewis & Clark plus monsters, and the second is a cross between a crime thriller and a western noir, so that’s a sure sell too. Did I mention that Westerns were back?
  • Gail Simone writing a Tomb Raider comic-book. Well, I definitely didn’t see this coming. This is the sort of comic-book I would avoid by default, and yet Simone’s name will make me pay attention. More interestingly, would you look at Gail Simone taking more and more work outside of DC – funny how that goes.
  • More titles from Titan Comics. These guys are intriguing me, especially because of the recently published Numbercruncher, so I’m paying attention. Some interesting titles on that list, and I will definitely be buying Adler by novelist Lavie Tidhar and artist Paul McCaffrey.

More Creators Leaving DC Titles

Mahmud Asrar has left Supergirl and DC Comics, and would you look at that it’s on good terms, so that’s actually nice to hear. Justin Jordan is also leaving Superboy, but is otherwise still working for the publisher, so kind of a glass half-full situation in this case. In both cases it’s nice to see things happen in a professional manner without any toxic fallout, in fact quite the opposite in one instance.

However, increasingly the story-line surrounding DC Comics is one of creators leaving. It’s not about any exciting new exclusive creators, it’s the opposite. It’s negative, and frankly just another sign that more exciting things are happening elsewhere.

Francavilla & Black Beetle: Necrologue

Hey look! More Black Beetle from Dark Horse and Francavilla! Best part it’s launching in October. The first story-line was a lot of fun, and very very pretty to look at! So this will be a must read!



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