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Trillium #1

Trillium #1

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back! – that’s what camping will do, darn you summer activities! Anyway, this week sees the release of Lemire’s Trillium, which is quite exciting. Not to mention tidbits ranging from Valiant’s upcoming Unity event, to the Doom Patrol series from Scott Lobdell and Ilias Kyriazis that just wasn’t mean to be.

Reading List

Trillium #1 (of 8) – My gateway drug into Jeff Lemire’s work was Sweet Tooth, and ever since I have been a huge fan of his non-superhero work. His stories encompass family, history, the supernatural, and many, many other elements, in a manner that is both engaging and interesting. So how could I say no to a story about love and the end of the universe spread out across millennia — this is going to be classic Lemire, and it’s an instant buy!

The Manhattan Projects #13 – This is Jonathan Hickman’s best book right now. Sure East of West has been quite strong, but what Hickman has built here across twelve issues is rather astounding. A story rooted in history, utter madness, and science! This alternate history has gone from the exploration of mad-minds to a budding interstellar conflict that is tantalizing both in its scope and the sheer insanity that it promises.

Sheltered #2 – I nearly missed out on the first issue, but managed to track it down. Suffice to say that I was intrigued. This is truly a different take on the post-apocalyptic story. Take one community of doomsday “preppers” and then have the children turn against the parents. A logical conclusion, in the survival game the youngest are perhaps the most viable. Now that the premise has been set, the question is what next? Will the apocalypse actually come? What are the consequences otherwise? It all hinges on what happens, next, and I’m quite curious.

The Superior Spider-Man #15 – Slott’s master-plan is starting to come together. The Superior Spider-Man’s tyranny grows with every issue, to the chagrin of J. Jonah Jameson Jr., as the threat of the Green Goblin/Goblin King grows greater as well. The conflict is imminent, and this two-issue arc is sure to take great strides in that direction. If you haven’t been reading this because of the Doc Ock/Peter thing, you are definitely missing out on a solid story.

Prophet #38 – Speaking of solid series, Brandon Graham has steadily been building a epic story in the pages of Prophet. What seemingly started off as interesting, but disjointed stories, has come into focus as a grand story. Along the way we’ve gotten excellent arc, and fascinating characters. Definitely a slow burn here, but well worth checking out!

UnityValiant United

After the Harbinger Wars mini-crossover it was inevitable – coming soon from Valiant is the line-wide event Unity! (more info here) There is no one more burned out on events than I am. For the first time ever I’ve completely unplugged from that scene, either from Marvel or DC, and yet… I find myself strangely excited for this one. I’m reading all of Valiant’s titles, and enjoying them all to varying degrees. As a result, the prospect of having Archer & Armstrong interact with X-O Manowar, or Shadowman, is actually tantalizing. Whether this will succeed or fail, we’ve yet to see, but so far Valiant’s stock has been rising, so I’m optimistic.

Doomed Patrol!

I’m not a Scott Lobdell fan. I gave him a chance with the New 52 titles he penned, and while they were not horrible by any means, they were not anything to write home about either. That said, this pitch for a Doom Patrol book that was never picked up looks absolutely gorgeous! Of course all credit goes to Ilias Kyriazis, whose art I need to explore stat!


Pretty (Awesomely) Deadly

Speaking of gorgeous, Pretty Deadly is one of my most highly anticipated series, and look there’s a preview! Also, you know, if you haven’t ordered it already, do so!



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