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Saga #13

Saga #13

Saga! Out this week! Yay! Oh, and a bunch of other comics too. Also, DC does more stuff, and people point and stare – quite awkward for everyone involved. But it’s not all bad! Read on, read on.

Reading List

Saga #13 – I really don’t have to say this, but will anyway, because why not! This is probably one of the hottest comic-books being published right now, and it’s back! New arc, and more of the same old awesome we’ve gotten so far. Can’t wait to see what we’ll get next from BKV and Staples!

Lost Vegas #4 (of 4) – First of all, I love Janet Lee’s art. Return of the Dappermen was excellent in no small part because of her unique and gorgeous art. I can’t say that Lost Vegas has hit those levels of quality yet. McCann’s story has raised more question than answered, and so it rests upon this final issue to bring it all home. Definitely worth checking out.

Harbinger #15

Harbinger #15

Harbinger #15 – Jumping on point y’all! Valiant has done solid work, publishing several tonally different books that take place within the same universe. With on crossover finished, and a big event on the horizon, now is the time to jump in if you have not already. This may not be the hottest, most inventive, indie book on the market, but it’s solid superhero fare and worth a look.

Batman #23 – You like Batman, right? Who doesn’t like Batman, he’s great! Some stories, just never get old. Time to see Bruce put on the costume again, for the very first time. This time written by Snyder and illustrated by Capullo. Still, easily, one of the best books being published by DC!

Superior Spider-Man Team Up #2 & Scarlet Spider #20 – Spiders! Spiders everywhere! It’s like the 90s all over again, and frankly I don’t entirely mind it. My inner 10 year-old is ecstatic! But seriously, this was inevitable. Yost writes both books, and half the fun of the Doc Ock Spidey has been seeing him interact with his supporting cast. What a golden opportunity then to have him interact with Peter’s twisted clone Kaine! Can’t wait!


Oh, Dear! DC, what the hell are you doing?

So there was this whole drama over the weekend about Kevin Maguire being fired by DC, it was awkward and embarrassing for all, but now it seems like Maguire is being snatched up by Marvel, so hooray, I guess. The whole situation was puzzling, from the haphazard fashion in which Maguire was seemingly fired, to the fact that DC keeps airing all their dirty laundry in public like this.

I have no illusions that this kind of stuff happens everywhere. Egos, agendas, and feelings clash quite often, but what the hell is DC thinking letting all of this constantly hit the news. I suppose everyone is talking about them, but bad PR is still bad PR. I can’t be the only one discouraged by this, nor the only one who just dropped a bunch of DC books, because frankly they’re no longer that good.

On the topic of quality. Here’s a pretty good summation of how DC is just like Marvel in the late 90s (and why that sucks for everyone) — and, hey look, there’s Bob Harras! But, you know what? They’re still selling comics, and they’re selling a ton of the comics that are doing exactly the kind of uniform, bland, shared universe that seems to be the problem. The kind of blandness that also seems to be scaring away all this talent, because god forbid anyone do anything different.

So really, this is all our fault! Us, the fans! We’re the one who keep buying this, we’re the ones who keep proving that the best business model (because DC is a business) is to keep selling junk, to keep making bigger and stupider crossovers, and to effectively squash any distinct voice that doesn’t sell. For crying out loud, just look at Animal Man and how it keeps sliding down the charts!


…Speaking of which! Haaaaarley Quinn!

Looks like it’s all DC today, be it good or bad. The November solicitations just hit, and lo’ and behold, there’s the newly announced Harley Quinn comic from Palmiotti and Conner, and it seems to be getting a #0 issue, AND! Look at the artists attached to the issue! DARWYN COOKE, SAM KIETH, TONY S. DANIEL, PAUL POPE, WALTER SIMONSON, ART BALTAZAR! Now that is more like it, sure no new names, but some damn exciting ones still. A definite must buy, especially if you’re tired of the same old, same old.


Collider? Nah! Federal Bureau of Physics!

Anyone remember when I reviewed Collider #1, and said that it was likely doomed from the get-go… well, unfortunately seems I may have been right. Due to some IP issue they’re changing the name of the series to FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics starting with the second issue. Ironically, this name gives readers a better idea of what the series is all about, but the name change is sure to do no favors to readers looking to grab the second issue, or shops trying to facilitate that.

I wonder if the name change had anything to do with that awful new album from Megadeth…

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