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Bloodshot #0

Bloodshot #0

This week! More goodies from Valiant, some jumping on points and some comics just chugging along doing that magic that they do so well. The Unwritten gets relaunched, because that’s the hip thing to do these days. More Bandette because I’m obsessed, and what is this about Carla Speed McNeil and Red Sonja?!? Awesomeness ensues!

Reading List

Bloodshot #0 – There is a reason I’m getting every Valiant comic-book at the moment, and that reason has everything to do with how good their output is, and let’s not forget the creators attached to said titles. This one is no exception! Matt Kindt plus CrissCross is a huge draw! Can’t wait to see what they do with Bloodshot. Also, a great jumping on point that should provide a good bit of background!


Wonder Woman #23

Wonder Woman #23 – I find myself dropping more DC comics each month. This is one of the big exceptions! From the get-go Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman has been a must-buy. The mix of politics, scheming, and family drama is perfect for this book, and completely in line with the mythological roots of Wonder Woman. This issue the confrontation with the First Born comes to a head, everything will explode, and nothing will ever be the same!

X-Men #4 – Wood and Coipel’s first three issue may not have been the best ever, but they were pretty darn good. Also, man, oh man, is that Coipel art nice to look at, he was born to illustrate the X-Men! So, here we are, a month before the next crossover, and we get to take stock of the new status quo. The best issues of the X-Men tend to be the ones where they are just sitting around chilling and playing baseball or something, so you know there’s that to look forward to!

Daredevil #30

Daredevil #30

Daredevil #30 – There’s been some talk that this comic-book is overrated. That perhaps in ages past it would have been par for the course. That said, there is little denying that Mark Waid is a master of the medium, and this is easily his best book on the stands! That alone is reason to check it out. But if it isn’t, how about the Silver Surfer guest-starring? Talk about opposites, the streetiest of the street based heroes and the galactiest of the galactic heroes team up (huzzah for making up words!). 

Sixth Gun #33 – Bunn & Hurtt have crafted something truly special in this series. Month after month they churn out another chapter of this supernatural-tinged western, and month after month it continues to be just as solid of an installment. Well worth investing the time and money to catch up!

Vertigo Relaunches The Unwritten, Because Why Not?

Uhm, so yeah, that’s happening, and we’re also getting a 150-page graphic novel, The Unwritten: Tommy Tailor and the Ship That Sank Twice. It’s exciting to see that we’re getting that much new material at once, and really skipping a month is nothing considering what we’re getting in return. But! Is relaunching the series really necessary?

I definitely get why it’s happening. This is part of the relaunch of Vertigo, and it will surely draw new readers in. But all the same, this is one of the more intricate stories being published by Vertigo. If new readers do jump on with this relaunch, will they really stay on board? In some ways, I see this move as something that may potentially hurt the series more than help, especially if it does not go as well as DC hopes it will, at which point cancellation is likely looming.


The Free Bandette!

I’ve recently fallen in love with all things Bandette, and so have tracked down a bunch of free shorts starring the intrepid thief! For your enjoyment here are all of them. Each is written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by a guest artist:

You can also find all of them in one place here. Just look at that list, and the incredible artists on it. As though Colleen Coover’s amazing art was not enough! I simply cannot wait for the print edition that will collect most of this material.


Carla Speed McNeil Does Red Sonja!

Carla Speed McNeil is great, Finder is excellent, and if you haven’t read it do so! Imagine my excitement when I found out she will be illustrating nine pages written by Devin Grayson for the upcoming Legends of Red Sonja miniseries! Two issues into Gail Simone’s Red Sonja I’ve yet to be wow-ed, but this miniseries sounds better each day!


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