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American Vampire: Anthology #1

American Vampire: Anthology #1

Ugh… I need to start getting these done earlier! But, that’s not the point! This week! New American Vampire, and from an all-star team at that! A comic-book long forgotten to delays returns! The Justice League moves, apparently, and it leads to many conflicted feelings. And much, much more, including DC actually releasing something long awaited, that may be amazing!

Reading List

American Vampire: Anthology #1 – This is the book that introduced me to Scott Snyder. It was his first hit, and remains one of my favorite recent comic-books. I find it hard to believe that I’m saying this about a book starring vampires – boy, has that been done to death, and yet here I am! The mixture of horror and American history is where Scott Snyder is most at home, and in this one he gets to bring some friends along too! Becky Cloonan!, Gabriel Ba! Fabio Moon! Jeff Lemire! Greg Rucka! Gail Simone! Easiest buy I’ll make all year!

Morning Glories #30 – Season two is well underway. As of last issue the status quo is mostly restored, everything is back to normal (or as normal as it gets with this book). Easily Nick Spencer’s best book on the stands, it delivers each month. If you are not reading then catch up, or better yet give it a try, this issue is going to be as reader friendly as it is bound to get.

Secret #3

Secret #3

Secret #3 – Wow! This is finally coming out! Not a dream! Not a hoax! But pure solicited bliss! Snarkiness aside this was one of a host of titles that saw Hickman return to creator owned in a big way. Manhattan Projects and East of West have become absolute must buys, while this title has been relegated to total delay oblivion. Now that it’s finally back, and while I do need to go re-read the first issues, it’s still a must-read!

Skullkickers #24 – Humor and fantasy are an easy way to win me over, and no one does it better in comics these days than Skullkickers. This month sees the return of the Tavern Tales – fun snippets for everyone to enjoy! Come one, come all, especially you new readers! Dwarves, Cthulhu monster, six-shooter, and unmatched attitude, what more could you want?

Young Avengers #9 – Well last issue was a kick in the pants! I have no clue what could possibly happen next, but screaming is likely an apt description. This is all I’ve ever wanted from a Young Avengers book, but never knew I wanted. Nine issues into Gillen’s run McKelvie’s art remains a staple, and the drama is on max. This book is sheer fun, and though perhaps light on the substance, it is undoubtedly full of style.

Justice League Canada?

Well this is different, and almost makes me want to check it out. Almost. Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone are talking over Justice League of America, and the team is moving to Canada. First of all, Jeff Lemire writing anything gets my attention in a heartbeat. Jeff Lemire writing anything set in Canada is a sure sell! And yet… and yet, with everything that DC is doing, and how horribly they are doing it wrong, I have no desire to buy this.

It will almost certianly tie into who knows how many books in the first three issues, and then an event, and then bleh… I have no patience for that kind of commitment, especially when it means reading other subpar books that dillute what interests me to begin with. I like to think that won’t happen, but looking around at what is happening at DC tells me otherwise, and so I will remain firmly on the fence (even though I want to be excited for this so bad). Sigh…

Justice League

Hey look! A leaf on the Wind!

I do like me some Firefly and Serenity, and yet I have been less than blown away by the comic-books. But you know what. Buffy Season Eight had plenty of screw-ups, but they learned, and Season Nine has been much better. Thus, I am cautiously optimistic about this one (oh right, Dark Horse is teasing new Serenity comics).


Walking Dead Clip, Ahoy!

Fall is almost upon us, and with it new Walking Dead! Season three may have ended more weakly than it started, but I am still very excited for the next season. Alongside Game of Thrones it remains one of the best shows on television in my opinion – an excellent mix of drama, character development, action and horror!

Dini! Quinones! Black Cannary! Zatanna!

Coming May 2014 is a new graphic novel from Paul Dini & Joe Quinones starring well… you read the title, right? And it looks amazing! Best yet! It looks like the DC comics of yore, that was actually fun. The one that didn’t have to darken and gritty-up all their characters. And if that wasn’t enough it’s Paul Dini writing Black Canary and Zatanna, both characters he writes well. The Zatanna series from a few years back, was only ever good when Dini wrote it. And if that is still not enough, look at the art, man! Just look at it! So freakin’ excited!


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