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God Is Dead #1

Baltimore Comic-Con is this week-end, and I’m going, and I’m really really excited! Oh, and I guess we get comics this week too. So what’s going on? Apparently, Hickman is out for total world domination, and has another title released. Marvel has some interesting stuff going on too. Sex Criminals! The Azimuth Job! We see Carla Speed McNeil’s Red Sonja! And Valiant gets another big name! Excitement!

Reading List

God Is Dead #1 (of 6) – Jonathan Hickman is everywhere! He’s currently writing the main Marvel crossover, Infinity, not to mention two Avengers books, plus three books at Image (yeah, I’m counting Secret)! Turns out all of that is not enough, and so here comes another title from Avatar Press. This one is only a miniseries, and sees Hickman paired up with Di Amorim on art. The premise is also a kicker and asks what would happen if the gods of old returned in the present day. This is easily the number one must buy coming out this week.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1

X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1

X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1 – Big week for Marvel coming up, with a bunch of must buys. The first one, none other than the kick-off issue for the next X-Men crossover. Bendis has definitely done a much better job so far than he ever did with the Avengers, and the Frank Cho artwork is definitely worth a peek. The story will continue in the pages of All-New X-MenUncanny X-MenWolverine and the X-Men, and X-Men. Only jump on board if you’re willing to also shoulder that commitment, especially since this will set off the next year or so of stories for Marvel’s merry mutants. Regardless, big things are bound to happen, well worth checking out.

X-Factor #262 – So ends Peter David’s excellent run on X-Factor, rumors are that the next wave of Marvel Now titles will include a relaunch, but for the time being this is it! In this day and age it is almost unheard of for one creator to remain on a title for as long as PAD did here. I have a hard time imagining X-Factor without him a the helm. If you haven’t been reading all along this makes for a terrible jumping on point, but good news! There are plenty of back issues to keep you busy!

The Superior Spider-Man #17

The Superior Spider-Man #17

The Superior Spider-Man #17 – Dan Slott’s run on Spider-Man keeps chugging along without any sign of Peter returning, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have other characters making glorious returns. Enter, Spider-Man 2099! The Marvel sands of time are all out of whack, what with all the meddling in Age of Ultron, so perfect excuse to pluck a character from the future, and drop them in the present. It’s bound to shake the status quo of this book somewhat, and also introduce a slightly more repeatable Spider-Man. Plus, more Osborn shenanigans (except we don’t know which one). If you aren’t reading this, now is the time to jump on!

Suicide Risk #5 – The first issue may not have been the big splash I was hoping for, but Mike Carey’s story has chugged along at a decent pace. Now it’s time for a world building issue that takes a look of what came before. The best part of this series have been the tantalizing glimpses of this world’s backstory, so that bodes well. Also, definitely a good issue for new readers. Finally, Joëlle Jones on art!

Sex Criminals is Pretty!

Here’s a preview of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s upcoming Sex Criminals, and by golly it looks great! Rest assured it is quite SFW. Definitely curious where this title will go, but so far it seems that the wait will have been well worth it!


The Azimuth Job

Speaking of pretty, here is a short story from Sean Witzke, Ian MacEwan, and Sloane Leong. It’s going to be published sometime soon in the pages of Prophet. I really love what Brandon Graham has been doing on that title, and the shorts at the end of each issue are definitely the cherry on top.


Carla Speed McNeil’s Red Sonja!

Last week I mentioned that Carla Speed McNeil will be illustrating a Red Sonja short. The crucial piece missing was some artwork to showcase what that may look like. Thankfully the internet delivered, and thanks to commissions for Baltimore Comic-Con we get a treat! Basically, it’s freaking bad ass!


Valiant keeps on rocking and hooks Peter Milligan

On several occasions I have mentioned just how much Valiant has managed to impress me, a fact bolstered by the talent they keep on recruiting. The latest example, Peter Milligan will be writing Shadowman. This has definitely been the weakest title of the bunch so far, and Milligan’s track record certainly suggests that he will bring exactly what has been missing all along. In short:

“We’re going for something that combines the high-drama aspects of a darker mainstream book with the post-punk weird and psychologically edgy qualities of Vertigo…. I’m not throwing everything out with the bath water — I’m just making the bath water a bit more grimy and, hopefully, unpleasant”

Which sounds exactly like what this title needs! I’ll always take a bit of added Vertigo-like flavor. Very curious to see how this turns out.


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