Hey, Look! Comics! (10/23/13)

Pretty Deadly #1

Pretty Deadly #1

Late again, but a little less than the last one of these. But look at all the shiny comics – and not a one from the big two, how about that! Plus, a few exciting annoucements that need to be discussed.

Reading List

Pretty Deadly #1 – It’s finally here! The new comic from Kelly Sue DeConnock and Emma Rios. All signs point to this being huge, early reviews have been positive, and the art in every single preview has spoken for itself. Forget being a fan of westerns, if you’re a fan of comics, you need to check this out!

Velvet #1 – Perhaps lost in the excitement for Pretty Deadly is this launch. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting got me reading Captain American in a time not so long ago, and now they are back together on a creator-owned project. This is sure to be a noir, spy-filled comic, in the best fashion we’ve seen when these two creators work together – and it’s undoubtedly going to be good, so you should probably get it.

Sex Criminals #2

Sex Criminals #2

Sex Criminals #2 – The first issue was brilliant! So if you haven’t read it, you should get to that, because the second issue is here, and is definitely a must buy! In many ways the second issue of a series is more important than the first. The hook was good, great even, but can it sustain? We shall see!

Rat Queens #2 – The same goes for this title. I definitely enjoyed the first issue, but it’s so easy for titles to lag after the first issue, and to never truly find their groove. The creative team here is solid, so chances are it will keep rocking – so, you know, go get it!

Numbercruncher #4 (of 4) – Simon Spurrier and P.J. Holden’s story has been a buy all along, and now it concludes. This is easily the most important issue, especially for a miniseries of this length. Everything hinges on the conclusion – any sense of poignancy, any message, or depth. My expectations run high!

Why I’ll Be Buying My First My Little Pony Comic

This is going to be happening! Why you ask? Because Alex de Campi and Carla Speed McNeil will be doing an issue, that’s why! I should have seen this coming the moment McNeil did some excellent Breaking Bad/My Little Pony crossover art. Not my usual cup of tea, but hard to say no when you get creators of this caliber working on it.


New Webcomic You Should Read!

Molly Ostertag‘s webcomic Journey to the Valley of Whispers has just launched, will be updating Mondays, and you should be checking it out!


Wonderful Animation from Kate Brown and Paul Duffield

Kate Brown and Paul Duffield do great work, I’ve spoken about this here and here. Now they have collaborated on something together, and it looks great. More information is available over at the Beat, and it short this is all about the princess in the Tower of London story.

Art, art and more art!

Amy Reeder did a Red Sonja cover! And I’m glad she did (also, if you’re not already, go read Rocket Girl)


Seems like everything is coming up Red Sonja all of a sudden, but here is a piece by Roger Langridge, in preparation for his work on the Li’l Dynamites books.


Last but not least here is a brilliant piece by Megu, which she did for an artbook called The Gate.


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