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Inhumanity #1

This week, we’ve got yet another event starting, but I’m actually getting it. One miniseries ends, while another hits the midpoint. More awesomeness from Mike Carey, and is that Peter Parker?! Meanwhile, Marvel has some more new titles for your consideration, except these might not be so new. Conventions are everywhere, and now it’s quantified. Plus more!

Reading List

Inhumanity #1 – One event is over, long live the next event! This one is a bit more focused, minus the occasional crossover issue. It really serves to launch Fraction’s relaunch of the Inhumans, titled simply Inhuman. It also serves to create another X-Men-like franchise for Marvel that has nothing to do with the X-Men – so there’s that. Either way, Fraction has proven capable of interesting new takes on established franchises, and we’re also getting art from Olivier Coipel, which is always a treat. This is absolutely worth checking out, even if you’re completely burned out on universe changing events.

Six-Gun Gorilla #6

Six-Gun Gorilla #6

Six-Gun Gorilla #6 (of 6) – This has been an entertaining and weird, in a good way, series from the start. Now Spurrier and Stokely are about to conclude their story, and I cannot wait to see this particular denouement. Numbercruncher ended very well, and meaningfully tied everything at the end. I fully expect this story to do the same. Spurrier is quickly becoming one of my favorite comic-book writers, and for good reason. Here’s hoping we get more Six-Gun Gorilla from him soon, preferably with Stokely’s art!

Trillium #5 (of 8) – Both Trillium and The Wake adhere to a two act structure, that much is now evident. The first half presented the world of each comic-book from one perspective, while the second will twist things. Trillium has been all about duality since the first issue. Two sides of a comic-book meeting in the middle, two lovers finding each other, two worlds, and two timelines. How fitting that everything should be reversed in the second half of this series. Long way of saying that this is a complex comic that should be read. Do it!

Suicide Risk #8

Suicide Risk #8

Suicide Risk #8 – I cannot stress it enough that this comic-book has gotten better with each issue. The debut was definitely not the strongest ever, but with every succeeding issue Mike Carey has crafted a deep and engaging world – to say nothing of the twists and turns that keep everything going. Elena Casagrande’s art also rises to the occasion with each issue. Absolutely worth picking up!

Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 – Peter Parker may soon be back, or he may not, either way time for Marvel to publish some stories that satisfy the public’s demand for some Peter Parker stories. Might be a bit exploitative, but this Spider-Man fan will gobble it all up, because Spider-Man! Really, who can say no to a bunch of very talented creators riffing on a common theme across five special issues. If you’ve got room for one extra comic this week, and like Spider-Man, then this is a must buy!

Everything New is Old!

Marvel has announced a couple of new titles, that are actually old – the first is Daredevil, with Waid and Samnee at the helm, and the second is Wolverine and the X-Men, with Latour and Asrar.


Waid and Samnee staying on Daredevil is significant for a few reasons. One it’s nice to see Marvel stick with something that is clearly working, and not try to keep things interesting. It’s also quite a contrast to DC, where no creator on any book seems to be safe, no matter how well liked their book is. Second, it’s a testament to the episodic nature of relaunches. Every run of a title seems to act more like a season of a show, while also introducing new directions and/or creative teams. Anyway, quite excited for this, and I hope the title will get a nice sales boost as a result – which it certainly deserves!


Jason Latour on Wolverine and the X-Men seems like a no-brainer. Here is a guy that has worked with Jason Aaron before, and will collaborate on the upcoming Southern Bastards. So that should guarantee that the tone of the book isn’t 180-ed while also allowing for a new creative direction. As for Asrar, he should fit right in, if his recent work with the X-Men is any indication. On a final note, I’ve loved everything about this title – from the light, but still emotionally meaningful tone, to the casting of Wolverine as something other than a bloodthirsty loner – so it’s nice to see it continue. Also, this likely means there’s going to be a future crossover with Amazing X-Men, which I’m quite okay with in this case.

Conventions, Conventions Everywhere

So Thought Bubble just happened, and Kieron Gillen has something things to say about that, including some commentary on the growth of the festival. This raises an interesting point, namely that conventions are everywhere, and growing! This is very much supported by the fact that over 1000 conventions were registered in the US this past year. That’s a lot, and it definitely verifies what had previously only been a gut feeling.

Consider that SPX doubled in size this year. Consider that Awesome Con is now a thing in DC. Consider that Baltimore Comic-Con will now run an extra day. I’m not even mentioning all the other mini-cons that are springing up all over Virginia and Maryland – and I’m also limiting this to the part of the US I happen to be in. Either way, the trend is clear. Conventions are everywhere, and growing – and it’s great.

This is the kind of thing that allows unprecedented access to creators, especially of the up-and-coming variety. I cannot express the amazing energy that is present at these shows. Seeing them grow at this rate is amazing, especially because it proves over and over again that there is much talent out there, and that it deserves your attention!


Ghost Rider!

by Tradd Moore, that is all.


Watch Noclip & Astigmatismo

by Eva Figueroa López.

by Nicolai Troshinsky.

Read Drops In The Ocean

by Hwei Lim, found here for free.


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  1. Brandon says:

    Alex, I have to say that while I do love me some Matt Fraction, I was disappointed by Inhumanity #1. Although, I do not credit this to Fraction, it just seems contrived. Fraction tends to do his best work with creator owned books or silly things like FF.

  2. Alex says:

    Contrived how? I actually felt it did a good job of reconciling years of continuity with the current direction they are trying to push, while at the same time creating a mystery that will drive the story. It’s definitely very different than Sex Criminals, or FF, or Casanova… so I can see that. But I don’t think it was bad, although I can see why it’s not what you expected. Anyway, I’ll write more about what I thought of it in a review soon.

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