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Captain Marvel #1

Nice mix of new titles, conclusions, and ongoing comics that you should check out this week. Less to be discussed, but that’s mostly because I’m working on a longer post that will go out separately. Besides there’s some free comics you should read, pronto! Also, in case you missed it, you should check out my coverage of Smudge! Comics Arts Expo, because it was terrific!

Reading List

Captain Marvel #1 – Here we go again! I really enjoyed Kelly Sue DeConnick’s first run on Captain Marvel, but I felt that the constant artist changes and crossovers held the series back. This time around we get David Lopez on art, and assuming he sticks around for longer than just one arc, it will make for a stronger artistic vision. Either way, DeConnick has transformed Carol Danvers into a hero I care to read about, and I’m certainly excited to see Marvel give it another try. Plus, it’s delving deeper into the cosmic side of the universe, which seems to be all the rage on the heels of Guardians of the Galaxy. If you’re a sucker for scifi like I am, check it out!

Magnus Robot Fighter #1

Magnus Robot Fighter #1

Magnus Robot Fighter #1 – There I was, happy as could be, not getting involved in any new comic-book universes, then along came Greg Pak and his take on Turok. As I finished reading it, and cursed his name aloud, because it was that good, I knew I’d have to pick up the rest of these. Dynamite Entertainment have gotten some excellent creators for their reboot of the Gold Key Universe – this time around it’s Fred Van Lente and Cory Smith. If you’re looking for a solid reinterpretation of a classic character, then this is your jam!

Uber #10 – Gillen and White’s work on this WWII-centric title has been excellent, and I look forward to each new installment. The premise is simple, how would superpowers prolong and change what was already the most destructive war in human history. In between this they have squeezed political commentary, personal narratives, and a scope that encompasses multiple theaters of war. If you’re not already reading this comic-book, you should be.

X-Men: Legacy #300

X-Men: Legacy #300

X-Men: Legacy #300 – Looks like the era of X-Men: Legacy is coming to a close. It started off with Mike Carey’s fantastic run, was continued by Christos Gage, and then passed on to Simon Spurrier. If you’ve enjoyed their work on the title, then you’re already getting this, right? If you haven’t, but enjoy celebrations of the X-Men’s long and complex history, then you should also get it. Not an exciting start, but a swansong to an era – should be good!

Justice League 3000 #4 – Alright, you’re going to have to bear with me on this one. This is a title that has suffered from not being what people wanted it to be. It’s not the Legion of Super-Heroes, it’s not Giffen & DeMatteis returning to Justice League International, but it isn’t badly written, nor badly illustrated, and should be given a chance. Howard Porter is absolutely doing the best work of his career, and that should not go unnoticed. Nor should the fact that Giffen has brought his trademark scifi flavor, and DeMatteis is slowly infusing the same wit you may recall from JLI. Also, this is the issue where we find out if the duplicates of the 21st century’s trademark heroes are clones, or what exactly. So there’s that!

Some People Just Don’t Get It…

It’s easy to forget sometimes, especially considering the diverse crowd of comic fans I’m lucky to have around me, that some parts of the community still live in the stone age. The Beat just posted an article documenting the idiotic behavior of two conventions. Well worth a look, if only as a reminder that there’s still a lot of work to be done before the comic-book scene is truly the inclusive place it should be.

In Fetu

Simon Spurrier and Christopher Mitten have collaborated on a short comic. It’s awesome and really *really* creepy. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but Simon Spurrier’s narration is something I really enjoy. He has a way of making words flow, of drawing you into the story that few other writers seem to have these days. While others seem to be shying away from narration and letting the artwork do most of the lifting, he is embracing it with great levels of vivacity. Whether it’s to dramatic, frantic, or terrifying effect, it’s definitely part of what makes his writing unique.

Anyway, you should go read it, it’s free and stars amazing art by Christopher Mitten (if you’re not reading Umbral you should be!).


Sara Goetter’s Haircut

Another short but awesome comic you should check right away! An adorable story that has everything from undead armies and an evil necromancer, to romance, but also some excellent role reversal – it’s not to be missed!


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