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Trees #1

Trees #1

This post is slightly late this week, because there’s a holiday, and that always makes things weird. Anyway. three new titles, a very special crossover, plus some gushing praise for an ongoing title I love. Tons of upcoming attractions as well, and few free comics that you should go read – because they’re good & free!

Reading List

Trees #1 – Warren Ellis does great science fiction, so when a new title written by him with fantastic art by Jason Howard is announced you pay attention! There’s no other way around it. The premise is that of tree-like alien invaders who landed ten years ago, and did nothing. It’s that of our encounter with intelligent alien life that doesn’t recognize us as intelligent or even alive. It’s the story of what happens next, and how human society is changed by this. In short it’s fascinating, and it’s different than anything else you’re bound to pick up this week, or this year. Definitely the number one pick! Buy it!

Chew/Revival #1

Chew/Revival #1

Chew/Revival #1 – Chew and Revival are two of my favorite ongoing series. Seemingly they are different, one is light and quirky, and the other much darker and serious. What they both share is a focus on strong character development. A crossover, if not a no-brainer, is certainly going to be a very interesting exercise in storytelling. Cybopathy and revivers in one comic-book, Tony Chu and Dana Cypress together. If you’re a fan of either comic than you cannot miss this. If you’ve yet to try either, than will likely still be a fun sampler. Check it out!

C.O.W.L. #1 – What if there was a superhero labor union, and what if it was well past its prime. Here’s a new take on the superhero as an institution, with threats both external and internal, from the team of Kyle Higgins and Rod Reis. Definitely a different approach to superheroes from two guys I’m used to seeing work for DC Comics – always nice to see creators dip their toes into the creator-owned pool. You should check it out!

Brass Sun #1 (of 6)

Brass Sun #1 (of 6)

Brass Sun #1 (of 6) – This comic has been serialized in 2000 AD for some time, and has received nothing but praise. It’s a steampunk tale set in a clockwork solar system (think gears, metal arms, and cogs!), where the sun is dying, and young girl must save the world. Written by Ian Edginton (same guy writing Hinterkind) and art by I. N. J. Culbard (think The New Deadwardians), it’s absolutely worth buying!

Ms. Marvel #4 – Marvel is onto something really great with this comic-book. It’s the right creators working on the right story, doing so at the right time, and the end result is something that has the potential (and I believe is already doing so) to transcend all of that, and be truly meaningful! Equally universal and specific the story of Kamala is one that should resonate with everyone, while also teaching, and creating bridges of understanding. Do yourself a favor and read this comic!

Upcoming Attractions

Morrison & Irving – made some great Batman comics together, and now they’ll be working on a new title called Annihilator. It’s coming our way in September from Legendary. Yes, that Legendary with the movies and everything! Who knew they did comics too, and from some pretty big names too… Either way, if you dig Morrison’s work, you shouldn’t miss this one, especially since it means Frazer Irving doing that art thing he does so well!


What-the-what!? – I didn’t realize that this was even a possibility, but Lumberjanes is now an ongoing! Congratulations to Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters and Brooke Allen! And time to get excited, because I’ve loved everything in this comic so far! Very glad to see Boom solidifying their selection of original material, which isn’t to say that their licensed material hasn’t been good, but that it’s good to provide a variety of titles. Anyway, here’s hoping that this one in particular has a nice long run!


SIP Kids – Just this weekend I finished reading all of Stranger in Paradise, which was no small feat by the way, and I’ve got to say that it is easily one of my favorite comics ever! (Period) This was an emotional ride like few others, with characters that grow, change, and feel as real as anyone you’ve ever met. There’s personal struggles, everyday drama, international conspiracies, and pretty much everything you can imagine. Except cute kid versions that is! And that’s about to change – coming soon from Terry Moore SIP Kids – do not miss it!


Doomboy – The list of comics from Magnetic Press that I need to have keeps growing. This time it’s Tony Sandoval’s Doomboy, and I was sold at metal music… because it’s another passion of mine! Also look at the gorgeous art, look at it!


Read These Comics!

Princess Princess by Strangely Katie.


To Be Seen by Carolyn C Nowak.


Step-Monster by D. E. Belton. (previous chapter can be found, here)


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