[Otakon 2014] My First Anime Con – From the Cosplay to the Panels!


This year is quickly shaping up into my best convention-going experience yet. It was the first year for Smudge! Expo, the second for Awesome Con (although my first attending), and now my first time attending Otakon, which is also my first attending an Anime convention. So many firsts, and all of them fantastic! Never mind that Baltimore Comic-Con and Small Press Expo are just around the corner, and that they are sure to cap everything in grand fashion.

But, Otakon! Why did I enjoy my first time so much? Truly, it’s because it guaranteed that I am now completely, unabashedly back into manga and anime. I’ve gradually found my way back for a little while, but this one event kicked all of that into gear. Which is fantastic! Mostly because it’s helped me broaden my horizons, and placed so much on my radar. So, let’s talk about it! Read More

A Crash Course in Manga – Part II

Last time we spoke about the origins of manga and the beginnings of the modern industry during post-war Japan. This was a difficult period, and adjustments had to be made. In their way, however, the industry started to flourish and the modern age of manga began.

Read More

Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo, The Kickstarter, Complete Collection, & More!


For fans of Winsor McCay‘s groundbreaking strip Little Nemo this year is shaping up to be an extraordinary one. There’s a kickstarter happening that’s already beaten its goal, a new printing of the complete edition on the horizon, and even a new comic set in its world. If on the other hand this is your first time hearing about all of this, then maybe it’s time to learn more about this astonishing comic from the early 20th century. Read More

A Crash Course in Manga – Part I


Manga, meaning or in reference to Japanese comic books or graphic novels, was a term said to be coined by early 19th century artist Katsushika Hokusai to “convey a sense of free-flowing composition and quirky style” [1]. While the history of manga has disputed points and its share of controversies the fact remains that manga is a medium loved and enjoyed internationally. So, where did this medium come from and how did it grow into the industry we know today? Read More

[Kickstarter Ahoy!] Girls With Slingshots, Apothecia, The End, & The Jeph Jacques Patreon


[Ends: Fri, Jun 20]

A year ago I had not read even one page of Girls With Slingshots, I had no clue who Danielle Corsetto was, and my life was clearly less for it. Then I had the pleasure of running into her at Baltimore Comic-Con last year, got myself an awesome sketch of drunk Totoro, and observed my very excited friends who were clearly in the know. Since then I’ve made up for my ignorance and mostly caught up on reading GWS, plus observed as Danielle Corsetto’s name appeared everywhere from Lumberjanes variant covers to Smut Peddler Vol. 2.

Suffice to say that I really enjoy her work, and have come to fully understand my friends’ excitement. Volumes of GWS will surely end up on my shelves before long. However, and this is important, it all started after I personally got to meet the creator. It took meeting the mastermind behind the strip to really perk my interest. All of which is to say that the internet for all of its glory can’t quite replace the value of a book signing, or any sort of face-to-face meet.

As chance would have it, I’m not the only one that thinks so, and thus the Slingshot Across America Tour was born – which, you guessed it, is being funded via Kickstarter! Read More


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