[Kickstarter Ahoy!] Monsters of the Deep, The Fifth Element Artbook, Sons of the Devil, & Fun-O-Planet: Failed Alien


[Ends: Fri, Jun 20]

Nessie Press was recently founded by four Maryland Institute College of Art students, with a focus on independent publishing, small run mini-comics, and zines. Their first project is an anthology zine featuring illustrations and comics from over 60 artists. It’s called Monsters of the Deep and is now being funded via Kickstarter.

The zine will be split into two parts, one focusing on real creatures and the other on fictional, and will come in black & white. It will also feature contributions from Matt Rockefeller, whose art I’ve spotlighted before, as well as Square City Comics member Emily R. Gillis – which I’m both very excited to see! Read More

[Kickstarter Ahoy!] Strong Female Protagonist, Oh Joy Sex Toy, Monster Anthology Vol. 2, & On the Coast of Dreams


[Ends: Thu, Jun 19]

Strong Female Protagonist is a webcomic that I had not heard of a year ago – then SPX happened and all of that changed. Thankfully, it was one of the comics that made it through the sheer overload of new content, and I started following it. At first, I only read the new installments, and understood little. It wasn’t until I went back, caught up on previous chapters, and read the whole story that it all clicked. This was fantastic! A story that presented a believable female protagonist dealing with both life and superpowers. At times action packed, at others personal and moving. In less than a year this has become one of my favorite webcomics.

So I’ve been eagerly awaiting SPX, and my chance buy some stuff and generally throw money at SFP (check out the exhibitor list, for real!). As chance would have it, Brennan Lee Mulligan & Molly Ostertag (the creators of the strip) beat me to it and are now collecting the first four chapters into a graphic novel funded via Kickstarter. In short, let the money-throwing begin early! Read More

The Time I Went To See Super Art Fight


After missing them at Awesome Con, I finally got a chance to see Super Art Fight in action. It all went down at the Black Cat this past weekend, specifically on Saturday, and a great time was had! In fact it would have been impossible not to enjoy this show. It’s a perfect mix of art and humor – part improv, part wrestling, and all about ridiculous fun! Read More

The Hope Nicholson Interview

Not so long ago, I wrote about an exciting Kickstarter project called Nelvana of the Northern Lights: Canada’s First Superheroine. Since then it went on to be funded, over funded in fact, and has generated new fans across both Canada and the United States. This past weekend the finished book was launched at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and more importantly it was announced that IDW has picked it up and will be distributing it far and wide! On the heels of such exciting news I got a chance to chat with Hope Nicholson, who alongside Rachel Richey, made all of this a reality. Read More

[Kickstarter Ahoy!] Skidmarks, Speculative Relationships, Cuttings, & Albert the Alien


[Ends: Thu, Jun 12]

Derek Hunter is a background designer on Adventure Time, but he has also been a fan and creator of comics for as long as he can remember. In fact, for the past 11 years he has self-published several mini-comics, and now he has taken to Kickstarter to get some of his favorites printed together in one collection called Skidmarks.

Why should you be excited? The comics included are a labor of love, produced in spare time when not working for a paycheck. This makes the work being collected here a personal and honest exercise in storytelling that can be fun, or irreverent, without worrying about being marketable or having some sort of manufactured widespread appeal.

Examples of the stories being collected include: Pirate ClubLobster Ladd, and Rascal the AdventurerYou can also check out more of Derek Hunter’s work on his website, where he has a collection of short comics for free. Read More


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