Hey, Look! Comics! (10/9/13)

Multiple Warheads: Down Fall

Multiple Warheads: Down Fall

This week, yet more number ones, so very many – and all of them exciting! I catch up on some goodies from Archaia, because playing catch-up is what I do best. Elysium Online is now available for order, and you should look into it. Plus, lots and lots of awesome art!

Reading List

Multiple Warheads: Down Fall - Brandon Graham is not for everyone, as I’ve recently learned. Personally, between King City and Prophet, I could not be more sold on his work. His artwork is excellent, and channels the very best of manga, infusing crazy detail into his storytelling – and that storytelling is offbeat in the best ways possible. All of which makes his work a win in my book. Anyway, if you picked up the Multiple Warheads mini a few months ago, this is what came before, reprinted for your enjoyment. If not, this is a great introduction to Graham’s work. Well worth a look. Read More

C2E2 2012 Journal: My First Con

Earlier this year I decided to apply for a press pass to C2E2. I didn’t expect to get one, after all back then my blog had only been up for a little while. To my surprise, I was approved, and so five days ago I flew to Chicago for my first Con ever. That’s right, I’ve never been to one before, but fortunately all of that changed this year. Whatever concerns I had were quickly washed away and in short it was amazing. I’ve come back with much reading material, which I will be writing about in the days to come, many pictures, which will likewise be posted in short order, and many other impressions and opinions. For instance, who knew Archaia Entertainment was so awesome? I didn’t, but in my mind they were the clear winner of the Con. Yep, take that DC and Marvel, more on that after the jump. Read More


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