[Review] Black Science #1


It seems like every month, even every week, sees the launch of a new title from Image. This time it’s Black Science by Rick Remender and the incredibly talented artistic team of Matteo Scalera and Dean White. And it’s actually a mixed bag. Admittedly, it’s an astonishing visual trip, but the plot behind it all seems more content with spectacle than actual substance. The end result is good, but this could have been so much more. Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! (11/27/13)

Black Science #1

Black Science #1

Hey, it’s early this week! Which actually means it’s on time – life, man! This week we’ve got one new title coming from Image Comics, that’s probably on everyone’s list, or should be. Then a bunch of strong ongoings that really deserve mentioning over and over! Also, more new titles are being announced, which makes 2014 officially the year I go bankrupt, so thanks guys. Plus odds and ends, that you should definitely scroll all the way down for!

Reading List

Black Science #1 – This comic will sell out, and everyone should see this coming. Rick Remender, much like Jonathan Hickman or Matt Fraction before him, is returning to creator owned work in a big way. Just like them he’s now doing it with the name recognition that working at Marvel brings. So there’s that. Throw in the fact that this comic-book also sounds awesome. I mean, science, dimensional veils, ancient dark realms, aliens & monsters! Everything about this sounds like it will be epic! Not to mention that Matteo Scalera’s artwork is amazing, and he seems to be a superstar in the making! Oh, and he somehow has a second book with Justin Jordan coming out soon, so how many artists can claim that? Read More

Uncanny Avengers, the M-Word, and X-Factor #73


Much has been said about Havok’s M-Word speech in the pages of Uncanny Avengers, or Remender’s response. Either way, it seems that there is some precedent. I’ve been reading Peter David’s first run on X-Factor recently, and just a few issues in came across a very similar speech, specifically issue #73. This one is a bit more of a joke, and actually comes from Guido/Strong Guy. Read More

Hey, Look! Comics! (7/10/13)

AstroCity002A strange week coming up. At least three of the titles on the reading list would have fit better a month ago. There just wasn’t anything else that interesting, but c’est la vie, ma chérie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m uber excited for another issue of Chew, or East of West, but what’s left to say about reading those, that hasn’t already. Anyway, what else, what else? Image making noise, Valiant and Boom! too? Oh my! And what is this about Mr. Rafael Albuquerque? Read on, dear friend, read on!

Reading List!

Astro City #2 – I’m very late to jump on this particular bandwagon. I’ve only caught up on Astro City recently. It has seen many different runs, in many places, and now has landed at Vertigo. All throughout it has seemed rather impenetrable, specials and miniseries galore. But that could not be further from the truth. Each arc is mostly self-contained, building on what has come before, but not overly reliant on it. Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson have created a lush world in the page of Astro City, and if you enjoy superheroes it is well worth checking out. Read More

Review: The Last Days of American Crime

Cover by Alex Maleev

Created and Written by: Rick Remender
Illustrated by: Greg Tocchini
Lettered by: Rus Wooten

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Every now and again a story comes along that encapsulates the very essence of human violence. The Last Days of American Crime is just such a chilling tale. Violence, sex, overindulgence, every vice and crime are on full display, and gorgeously illustrated! Remender and Tocchini have crafted a great heist story. Yes, another heist story! But, this one shouldn’t be discounted along with every other one in recent memory — I mean really it’s been done to death. Why though? Because it’s not only well written, but comes up with a clever premise. Not convinced yet? Not impressed by the news that there’s a movie being made? Then read on! Read More


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